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I have created a page that I would like to share with all of you. It's called, "The Family Room", a place to post your Special Occasions (Birthdays, New Births, Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, Photos) that you would like to share with your family or friends and our viewers alike. Please feel free to email me your request at and I'll be more that happy to post it here for you on your behalf. Thank you for your participation in wanting to share in our fellowship.



Genesse Cacal-Ignacio (r) pictured with Glory (mom) graduated from the LPN Nursing Program July 2014.

LPN Nursing Students, Kauai Community College July 2014


                       Father's Day 2013


                   Mother's Day 2013

Thank you to my beautiful daughter Gez, son in law Levi, grandsons Kanale & Kyrus for the beautiful flower arrangement that you sent me at work for Mother's Day. I love you all my precious ones...I am truly blessed. Thank You God!


                                May Day

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii and also in our public schools 
throughout Hawaii. Children perform a variety of cultural dances and lots of leis & flowers.

Quentin Carveiro
Kalaheo School

Kanale Viquelia
Eleele School

Delilah Ikeda
Koloa School


                   Thankful For My Brothers & Sisters

Left to Right: My Brother Roland, Me, My Brother Sonny, (Melinda), My Sister JoAnn, My Brother Robert, My Sister Glory, My Brother Ivan. 
Missing 2 sisters & 4 brothers....I'm so thankful to spend time with my brothers & sisters despite our busy lives. With all the challenges that we're faced, we never forget what we have and been blessed with, we thank our parents for everything that they have done and given us and I thank you all for being there for me, for our lives together...I love you always. God bless you my brothers & sister.

Grateful for family time. Melinda & Ivan were visiting from Denton, Texas.

Brother Roland, Me, Brother Sonny & Sister JoAnn

Brother Robert, Sister Glory & Brother Ivan


                                 Prom 2013

Kurt's Senior Prom 2013
Kauai High School
Sheraton Kauai Hotel

Kurt & Jamie

Kurt & Best Friend Markie

Markie & Kalei

Malu (Center)


                                         Happy Anniversary

Wishing my good friends John & Berlin Sadler a very happy
24th wedding anniversary. You both been a blessing in my life and I'm honored by your friendship & love for Christ. I wish you both God's continued blessings for many more years of happiness, love and marital bliss! I love you guys!
~Vivian  10/7/2014



Happy Birthday To Me!

I am blessed as I get to enjoy, cherish and make memories of the time that God has allowed me. To be blessed by all that He brings my way, I am so overwhelmingly grateful! I am blessed with so much love and I hope that I've been able to share a bit of it with all of you. Thank you all and may God continue to bless you as I continue to have Him direct and bless me thru this website.

Steve, thank you for making everyday even more special than my birthday with blessing me with your presence, love and just the amazing person that you are! You have brought such joy in my life!
~Vivian 9/30/2014

Happy Birthday Steve Harris

Wishing you another year filled with God's love, blessings, good health and happiness! God is good, all things in His time...enjoy your special day!
~Vivian 9/15/2015

Happy Birthday Gezmynn Viquelia

I'd like to wish my beautiful daughter a very Happy Birthday today, July 20th. To another year filled with God's many, good health and happiness always. I love you my baby girl more than words can say...enjoy your special day!
~Mom  7/20/2014

Happy Birthday Rina Watson

Wishing my special niece Rina a very Happy Birthday today. May the good Lord bless you with his love that you may continue to share it through your beautiful spirit. You are a mere image of your mother and I am blessed that I can remember her, my sister, as she lives and radiate thru you. I love you Rina...
~Aunty Vivian  7/20/2014

Happy Birthday Kanale Viquelia

Wishing my handsome grandson a very Happy Birthday today...I thank God for having blessed you in our lives, we've had the honor caring and loving you since birth to this very day 9 years later. May God continue to bless and care for you always...I love you Bubi with all my heart! Enjoy your day and I look forward to celebrating this weekend!
~MamaVivian  6/24/2014

Happy Birthday Glory Cacal

Wishing my beautiful sister a very Happy Birthday today...
Another year filled with good health, family, love & happiness.
Enjoy your day...I love you!
~Vivian  5/19/2014

Happy Birthday Kyrus Viquelia

Wishing you a very Happy 3rd Birthday Kyrus. May God bless 
always my precious one...I love you.
~Mama Vivian 5/10/14

Happy Birthday Chaeri Lazaro Valdes

Wishing my niece Chaeri a very happy birthday and another year filled with God's many blessings, good health, happiness and love. Enjoy your special day! Love & Hugs...
~Aunty Vivian  4/14/14

Happy Birthday Kurt Kaimana Perry

A Prayer For You My Son...
Dear Lord your gifts are many, I am grateful for every one.
One of the greatest gifts you've given is the gift of my dear son.
Thank you for his life dear Lord. Watch over him each day.
May he be safe and free from harm, as he goes about each day.
Bless him through life's trials. Help him choose right from wrong. An example be, for all to see, standing tall, and proud and strong.

You have been a blessing in my life, so very much a part of your Dad that lives on in you...keep it alive! I love you always Kurt...
~Mom   2/5/2014

Happy Birthday Josephine AhPuck Lorenzo

Wishing you another year filled with God's many blessings. I love and miss you my sister. Have a wonderful birthday!
~Vivian  1/31/2014

Happy Birthday Maile & Malia Larios

Happy 1st Birthday to my Grandnieces Maile & Malia. So precious and blessed to have twins run in our family, they have sure grown in their first year. May God continue to bless you as we all get to love and enjoy seeing you grow up...I Love You both...
~Aunty Vivian   1/3/2014

Happy Birthday Genesse Cacal-Ignacio

Wishing you my beautiful niece a very Happy Birthday. You have blessed me with your beautiful colors of love like the rainbow and your smiles that radiate my heart...I wish you God's blessings for many more to come. I love you always...
~Aunty Vivian  12/31/13 

Happy Birthday Sonny Cacal

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my brother Sonny.
God has blessed me with a most loving, patient, and humble brother. I don't always get to see you as I would like because of schedules but whenever I do you know how much I tell you I love you. Wishing you another year of God's many blessings.
I love you always...
~Vivian  12/31/13

Happy Birthday Stephanie Harris

Here's wishing you another year filled with God's many blessings. You are an angel and a beautiful spirit, may the good Lord continue to fill you with His love that you may share it with all that you touch. Happy Birthday Stephanie...I Love You!
~Vivian  11/30/2013

Happy Birthday Kory Perry

Wishing my son Kory a very Happy 17th Birthday. You have been my pride & joy and I thank God for having blessed me with a wonderful and loving son. I pray that He will bless you with many more to come, guide you and keep you safe always.
I love you...
~Mom   11/6/2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

Thank you Lord for another Birthday to celebrate the special gift of life that you have blessed me. I pray that you will continue to fill me with your likeness that I may be worthy of serving you, to give you praise and all the glory! Thank you Lord for the opportunity to share and touch others as you have me, bless those less fortunate, especially the children...Lord hear their prayers and their cries upon you. Thank you for my dearest family and friends, for your son Jesus Christ and I thank you Lord for our relationship. In Jesus name I pray...Amen!
~Vivian   9/30/2013

Thank you Kanale & Kyrus...I Love You.

                     Lovely Roses....From My 2 Sons

Thank You Kurt & Kory...I Love You.

Happy Birthday Steve Harris

Wishing you another year filled with God's many blessings, love, mercy and grace. I am very thankful that He has blessed you in my life. You are amazing, compassionate, intelligent, creative, wise, faithful, dedicated, God fearing, caring and so very loving, what an HONOR to have you in my life. Thank you Steve. May the good Lord bless you with many more to come, enjoy your day with family and friends. 
"I Love You".
~Vivian  9/15/2013

Happy Birthday Leann Ikeda

To my beautiful niece Leann Ikeda...wishing you a great birthday and may the good Lord bless you with many more to come...enjoy your special day. Love & Hugs....God bless you always.
~Aunty Viv   9/13/13

Happy Birthday Gezmynn Viquelia

On this day July 20 years ago, God blessed me with a precious and beautiful baby girl! She is now a dedicated wife and mother of her own time flies, it seems like only yesterday. What more can a parent ask then for her child to share all that she has been taught, instilled and loved in her lifetime to her very own family and friends. Thank you Lord for your precious gift of life, I pray that You will bless and keep her safe always. Wishing you another great year Gez...Dad, your twins and Grandma are also smiling from Heaven and sending you their love on your special day! I Love You Always....Mom 7/20/2013

Happy Birthday Dayna Cacal

Happy Birthday Dayna (niece), from Monmouth, Oregon...Wishing you another precious year of Gods many blessings. I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments...keep up the great work. Love & Hugs...
~Aunty Viv  7/14/2013

Happy Birthday 
Shayna Polilawaiomakana Sobalvarro

Happy Birthday Shayna (niece), from Lancaster, CA. I love and miss you so much, you are truly blessed with a beautiful family. Wishing you the best on your special day and may the good Lord bless you with many more to come! Love & Hugs...
~Aunty Viv  7/13/2013

Happy Birthday Ivan Cacal

Wishing my baby brother Ivan from Denton, Texas, a very Happy Birthday! May God bless you and grant you many more to celebrate. Love and Hugs...Vivian  7/12/2013

Happy 8th Birthday Kanale Viquelia

Wishing my grandson a very Happy 8th Birthday!
My how the years have passed, you have grown so quickly.
I pray that God will continue to bless you and bring you many
more birthdays to enjoy. Papa is smiling and watching over
you, you'll always be his "Buddy"...I love you too Bubi...Have A Good One...Mama Viv! 6/24/2014

Happy Birthday JoAnn Ikeda

Wishing my sister a very Happy Birthday!
God blessed me with a beautiful and loving sister...I wish you
many more and may God bless you always. 
Love & Hugs...
Vivian  6/15/2013

Happy Birthday Glory Cacal

Wishing my beautiful sister a very Happy Birthday! 
May Our Father bless you with many more to come & enjoy
his precious gift of life. Thank you for always being there
for me...Two Peas In A Pod Always, Vivian  5/19/2013

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Happy Birthday Glory
Produced by Steve Harris

Happy Birthday Richard Cacal

Wishing my brother Richard a very Happy Birthday!
Love & God's Blessings for many more to come...
Vivian   5/14/2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Kyrus Viquelia

My beautiful grandson turns 2 years old today. What a blessing to have you in my life. May the good Lord bless and guide you with many more to come.
 I love you always...Grandma Viv  5/10/2013

Happy Birthday 60th
Stanley "HUNK" Viquelia
with sons Kelly (L) & Levi (R)

May God Bless you with many more to come!

Happy 1st Birthday
Hi'ileimaikalani Emalee Perry

Proud parents Kaipo Perry & Melody Lopez
May God bless you always my beautiful niece! 2/5/13

Happy 18th Birthday
Kurt Kaimana Perry

Happy Birthday son. I thank God for blessing me with you, you are my pride & joy and as you venture into your adult life may you sow the seeds that we've instilled throughout the years and nourish it, for your children as well someday. I pray to God to bless & keep you always, may dad's light guide your way. I love you son! Mom  2/5/2013

Happy 16th Birthday
Kory Keanuhea Perry
Keoki's Restaurant, Poipu, Kauai

Happy 1st Birthday
Maileia Arbilera  11/4/12



God blessed me with another addition to my family....
Congratulations to my niece Natasha Cacal on the birth of her
son Micah Kahokua o ka`alekai Larios,  weighing in at 
7 lbs 1 oz, 19 1/4 inch in length, born at 1:24pm on 2/7/2014.

I'd like to welcome my grand niece Thalia Makanani Torres born on November 5, 2013. Weighing in at 7 lbs 7 oz, 19 inches, from Washington State...Congratulations to my niece LaToya and her husband Yuvanni Torres on their new addition. Best wishes to mommy & baby, may you days be filled with joy and love through this precious gift of life, God bless you all. Love and Aloha...
~Aunty Vivian  11/5/2013

Congratulations to Natasha Cacal, (my niece) from Lancaster, California, on the birth of her twin daughters Maile & Malia Larios born on January 3, 2013, they were born early and had to remain at the hospital nursery for a while, but are now finally home. May God bless you all...Love & Aloha!



                   Tammy's Couture Cakes

I want to share the many talents of my sister in law, Tammy Cacal, she's not only beautiful, God fearing & spiritual, but very talented in creating amazing cakes, candies and goodies. 
Along with her loving husband and back bone of her beautiful creations, Sonny Cacal, who by chance is my wonderful younger brother as well. Together they devote their lives to God and have a beautiful marriage & family. Here's a few of their many beautiful creations. May God continue to bless you both in your success with all of your beautiful creations for all to see & share. I love you both....Aloha!

Creative Talent Kanale 

This is my grandson Kanale Viquelia, 7 years old, very bright and quite a creative & talented artist. He won this award for Honorable Mention in the school calendar contest, 2nd grade at Eleele School, Eleele, Kauai. Way to go Kanale!



Congratulations to Oliver & Nikita-Lynn Moniz...
April 12, 2013 @ Waimea Plantation Cottages
Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii

            The beautiful bride Nikita-Lynn Kawamura

                            Mr & Mrs Oliver Moniz

                  Arruda, Kawamura & Cacal Family


Congratulations to My Brother and New Sister in Law...Mr & Mrs Robert Cacal...November 24, 2012 @ The Kauai Marriott Hotel, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii

Mr & Mrs Robert Cacal

The grounds of the beautiful Kauai Marriott Hotel, Lihue, Kauai

The handsome Groom...
my brother Robert

The beautiful Bride Charlene Alcove

Dillon, Robert Jr, Robert, Richard (My Youngest Brother), Tristen


Congratulations to My Dear Friends The Newlyweds...Mr & Mrs Franklin Iwai...November 24, 2012 @ The Waimea Plantation Cottages Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii

Mr & Mrs Franklin Iwai

The beautiful Bride Jennifer Lacro

The handsome Groom Frankie Iwai

Kurt, Me, Frankie & Jen, Kory

Kurt, Kory, Micah & Frankie

It was surely a beautiful day for a wedding.



Happy Halloween From My Grandsons
Kanale & Kyrus Viquelia....Thank You Boys...Mama Loves You!